Eat My Cookies!!!

Eat them, dammit!

If you’ve ever wondered just what I would look like after baking 250 cookies in one day, December 16th is your lucky day. I guess it’s also a good day for you if you are interested in sampling 30 cookies and drinking an unlimited (I think) supply of free bourbon eggnog. I’ll be serving up my cookies and taking bets on what attendees will barf.

This year’s Cookie Takedown will be on Sunday December 16th, at the Bell House. But don’t let the far off date fool you! These tickets sell out fast! Get some, quick, here. They’re a steal, as $15 gets you 30 cookies and bourbon eggnog.

While I’m pretty sure about what cookies I will be making (but I won’t tell because it is a secret, hint hint), I am open to suggestions. What doth a winning cookie maketh?

So come, eat, drink, be merry, vote for me, and witness the twitch I will have surely developed.


2 thoughts on “Eat My Cookies!!!

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